Due to the increasing frequency of identity theft cases in the United States, new federal regulations have been established. 40% of these cases of identity theft occur here in Puerto Rico.

You are responsible for securely removing all sensitive data from your records in order to meet new federal regulations.

  • Shredding is the solution. System Shred brings it to you.

Why shred?

  • To keep confidential information confidential, financial and employee information private, customer files safe, medical information protected. In short, for your security and the security of those who trust you with their information.
  • To destroy information in compliance with HIPPA and FACTA Disposal federal regulations.
  • To protect yourself, your organization and those whose information you protect from identity theft.

What to shred?

  • Customer lists
  • Banking information
  • Credit Card receipts
  • Customer invoices
  • Medical records
  • Company proprietary information
  • Client files
  • Employee records and payroll information
  • Meeting minutes
  • Corporate records
  • Financial information
  • Reports
  • Contracts
  • Data disks
  • Hard disks

Who should shred?

Not you...and not your employees.

Shredding in-house does not meet compliance guidelines, is not cost-effective, is time-consuming and does not guarantee the security of the information being shredded. System Shred takes charge of the shredding for you. We do so in the most professional, economic and compliant manner.

How to shred?

Simply. System Shred provides secure containers in which employees securely and conveniently place documents that should be shredded - no need to remove staples or paper clips. We come to your location and shred on the spot. We then give you a certificate of destruction for audit purposes.

How much does it cost?

Our shredding services are more cost-effective than shredding in-house. Call one of our professionals for a quote.

Why System Shred?

  • We have the most advanced and ready shredding truck on the market.
  • We recycle.
  • We are a 100% Puertorrican company.
  • We are NAID members.


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